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Originally Posted by Higgy View Post
How did that neem oil work on your tomato plants? Hopefully they survive.
Sorry for the delay, I have been a little busy as of late:

This picture was him still in the NICU. Alexander is 11 days old, today.

The Neem Oil was quite effective in eliminating the Powdery Mildew. Unfortunately, I did end up loosing two tomato plants. Two out of twelve plants isn't a huge loss in my book. Also, on a plus side it is also good against mites and aphids, which I was also having some aphid issues on my green beans. The Neem Oil took care of both problems! I would highly recommend it to anyone now!

The garden is looking great. Since I am taking off work for two weeks, due to the above mentioned distraction, I have had some down time during sleep times to work on the garden. I have put in all of my concrete remesh tomato cages. Each cage has a 2' diameter. At the very front (nearest me) you can see the carrots and lettuce mix coming in.

You can sort of see how I fastened everything down. I zip-tied each cage to two 2.5' long rebar stakes that I hammered about 1.5' into the ground. Also, I zip-tied all the cages together, so, in essence, four rebar stakes are holding 3 cages down.

Next time, I am going to leave a bit more space in between the tomato plant rows. Even for a skinny guy like me, there isn't a lot of room between the cage rows.
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