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Default Edited post time limit WAY to short

I often edit my post for misaligned sentences or spelling errors after which my post gets the edited notification date and time etc. Which is bothersome to me , perhaps others ? Its my Pet Peeve with the forum.

Its the time limit that gets me , what is it 2 minutes ? 3 minutes ? what ever it is its MUCH to short well for me and my editing. Leaving my posts pot marked with ~ this post has been edited by ecomodded then the date and time ~

When it was really edited 5 minutes later for spelling or rephrasing , either way I would sure like a longer time limit to edit my posts before the edit warning is attached to alert all viewers that something has been edited removed or otherwise changed. I mess with my posts a lot :-) so I see the warning often and 99.9% of the time its within 5 minutes of my post.

I am hoping Doax that you can extend the edit time limit , say too 1 hour ( or what you see fit ) so People like myself can edited their posts for grammar or structure without it instantly being attached to my post.

Not sure what time limit is appropriate I will leave that up to the powers that be. I just feel that the 3 minute edit limit is cutting it to close to bother to mention the post was edited.

Any chance of changing the edit post time limit ?

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