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May's property bills are in and paid for. This is what it looks like for the month:

Gas - $47.55
Electricity - $43.46
Water - $51.67

Other expenses:

Cable - $24.15
Telephone - $54.82
Insurance - $22.42
Wireless Internet - $0.00
Condo Fees - $125.00
Mortgage & Property Tax - $1267.50

Total May '09 Expenses: $1,636.57

Rent collection from roommates: $1,280.00 (all three rooms upstairs are occupied and now my bedroom is in the basement)

Monthly deficit: $356.57


Water use is up now with 4 people living in the house. We got cut off from mooching off of a neighbour's wireless internet, so we got our own. Payment isn't required until the end of this month though. Mortgage payment is now accelerated to the maximum allowed by the bank. Amortization is now only 11 years and 4 months!

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