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40 Canadian Solar CS6P-230P, 230 Watt Solar Panel $6,440.00 shipped
40 Enphase, M215 Microinverter, 215W, 240/208VAC, 60Hz $5,480.00 shipped
EnPhase Envoy ProSolar racking grounding clamps etc. $2149.18
NEW Siemens 60 amp 3r outdoor 2 pole 250 volt fused disconnect $82.00
sub pannel and breakers $135.67
225 breaker pannel $164.32 (upgrade main load center)
wire #8, #10 grounding #6 grounding $590
The rest of the stuff caulking screws conduit…total for 9.2kw installed $16,000

New 2.4kw for total 11.6kw
10 Enphase, M215 Microinverter, 215W, 240/208VAC, 60Hz : $1,342.60
10 Lightway LW P1650-990 240W racking Grounding clips,
Enphase cables . $2455.28 shipped
Total for new 2.4 kw $3,797.88 (I had wire left over from the first project)
Total project $19797.88 I will need some conduit and a few other things so let’s say 20k installed for 11.6kw.

I did buy everything on sale and I did my own install. The biggest thing is I got the solar panels at a good price and that really helps the cost.
I have the cost broken down very detailed in a spread sheet but this should help.

I was quoted $22,234.82 for 4.9kw installed. they wanted 20% more to go with Enphase micro inverters. I am glad I put the sweat equity into it instead of having it installed.

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