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Post Peakster's House Efficiency

Hello everyone. I have a 3 bedroom townhouse with a basement located in southern Saskatchewan. I intend to track the costs of my bills and share tricks of how I save money on home ownership.

The house only has one exterior wall so that helps with heating costs. As soon as I moved in I installed low flow shower heads and compact fluorescents throughout the home. I like the thermostat near 63*F, but my roomates like turning it to 73*F when I'm not at home . The furnace is about 80% efficient.

These are my utility bills for the month of March:

Gas - $128.80
Electricity - $73.81
Water - $19.62

Other expenses:

Cable - $30.37
Telephone - $63.83
Insurance - $22.42
Wireless Internet - $15.00
Condo Fees - $125.00
Mortgage & Property Tax - $1083.33

Total March '09 Expenses: $1562.18

Rent collection from roommates: $800.00

Monthly deficit: $762.18


Clearly there's some improvements to be made! I'm going to continue to conserve for the month of April and hopefully with the extra daylight hours and warmer temperatures, I can cut down on utility costs . I'll update next month.

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