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I'm repeating common, industry standard, optimistic figures for your benefit. For example, the 25 watts per sqft figure is a well researched average daily value. The sun doesn't shine at 100% when it's up, and it's down every night. I'm not trying to argue whether your specific panels peak out at some heavenly output or not on a cool, cloudless day. I'm just saying that the 25 is what the pros use for sizing utility-scale arrays. If you beat that, hooray, you're doing better than PG&E.

You're singing to the wrong choir regarding engineering and materials science. There are many masters lurking in this place, anxious to see something unique. This stuff has all been done before. It's your journey, amigo. I've personally been flamed and scathed in here for overstating or misrepresentating expectations of contraptions, both real and imaginary.

A heat pump isn't a free energy machine. All they do is pump gas in a circle. It's throughput is actually pretty lossy. Why do you think that efficiency numbers have constantly been improving over the years? Improvements in all aspects of design. A fancy compressor used to be a twin single; now it's a hyper heat turbo inverter. Micro channel heat exchangers and shtuff.

Speaking of heat pumps, here's my heat pump of the week. Currently on week 2 because I ran out of acetylene. The fresh air knob will become the heat/cool knob. Defrost will be handled by a freebie CNT 05008 board and a couple of 10k ntc thermistors.
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