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If you wind up rewinding the motor (no pun intended), then be sure to have a higher grade insulation baked on. sounds like that is what failed in the first place.

I agree you need a bigger motor, but probably not too much more. I have one of those motors, they were made for plug-in lawnmowers. They would be rated about 1-1.5 HP, as compared to the 3.5 gas engine that came out of your blower. Rewinding it probably won't gain too much power, but using copper could increase the cooling ability, which will help. Adding a dedicated cooling fan and using a higher rated insulation could also help. When motors are mass produced like that, they tend to make them as cheap as possible, and the aluminum wire may have been a concession to that.

You are correct if it is shunt wound then increasing field strength will reduce speed but give you more torque, which sounds like the right way to go in your case, since you need more oomph when you hit wet snow.
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