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Originally Posted by kabutomushi View Post
It sounds like the success to your method is coming from your curtains at night more than anything else. Heavy curtains that prevent a cooling "heat engine" from setting up on the glass surface is critical to retaining heat at night.

I agree with Xringer--unless you are transmitting heat or visible light back out of the window, what energy comes in effectively stays in, regardless of the color of the objects in the room.

This is why you want to increase your absorber/window area during the day with heat absorbing panels of some kind piped into the room during the day, with the same path blocked off during the night.

Incidentally, this out-transmission of energy is pretty much the largest heat loss in solar heating panels. Most of it occurs in the form of radiant heat loss right back out the glass/lens of the panel.

that's exactly what I am doing(tucking it around shades at night) but dark blue works perfect for this, you must be able to see some of the sun come through the other side I think for this to work as it, from what I have read here, I assume this would allow excess solar radiation to stay inside the house, such as with this 2 millimeter thick sheet
this works extremely well better than spending a ton of money

by this, I mean this heats up your house instantly go buy a thermometer and surface temp reader... and $15 worth of sheets to start

exactly why pavement being black is causing global warming

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