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"Incidentally, this out-transmission of energy is pretty much the largest heat loss in solar heating panels.
Most of it occurs in the form of radiant heat loss right back out the glass/lens of the panel."

That's not really a big deal on solar hot-water systems, since the pumps turn off when the sun isn't out.
So, only the panel cools off, and not the hot-water in storage.

I remember my old hot-water panels warmed up super quick when the sun hit them in the morning.
I could hear the circulator pumps kick in pretty early in the morning.

IIRC, there was some kind of scheme to circulate coolant up to the cool
collectors at night, to capture some of that cold and pump it down into
the warmed-up house for cooling during warm summer nights.
Not sure how that would work around here..
(Actually, indoor heat would be pumped up to the roof).

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