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well take that 85-90%(maybe) and multiply it by the percentage of heat absorbant materials inside the room 60%= .6

50% heat retention.

a good test is touch the surface of whatever it is, and if it feels cool to the touch vs like wise other material then that does not absorb heat..

I had a whole bunch of metal (steel stuff) in my kitchen this winter and once I removed that it warmed up a little, because the metal absorbs cold and radiates it.

I had pure black carpets, and black window sills and raised the temp of that particular uninsulated room with bad windows(seal and pealed) from 56 degree in the 20 degree morning to 75 by 2pm

I had one window where half was white and half was black in the sun all day, and the temp reading for the white part was 71 degrees while the black portion was 74-75 constantly and thats wood..

you can find other materials that would work way better than this inside too, an aluminum window heater for example painted in black
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