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I was looking to go grid tie till I read the contract. I'm not giving my local government the right to enter my house when ever they want.

You will also want to buy panels that are UL listed/certified(?) for grid tie if you plan on going that route later on. There is also some issue with static electricity build up on panels when grid tied requiring positive ground panels and components. You need to check each piece for how it is grounded when you buy them. Going grid tie after the fact may have issues if your not a licensed contractor depending on your local gov. Contractors may not want to use your parts since they want to sell you a whole system.

You may still have issues with your city about mounting panels on your roof even if its not grid tie. Also with all the wiring requiring permitting. Sometimes there are loop holes for low voltage DC. On way around this is putting panels out on your back yard lawn but this has issues with theft.

I'm going the non grid tie route and using my panels for specific loads only, with the option to power other items in a power outage.

My main loads are growing lights for indoor veggies, heat pumps for the house in winter and greenhouse, summer time swamp coolers, etc..

I would return the modified sine wave inverter. They should stop selling them.
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