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First thing I notice is that your inverter has a modified sine wave rather than a pure sine wave output. In general, things with motors don't like modified sine waves. Refrigerators, air conditioners, blower fans. It tends to make them work too hard and can actually harm them. I would do a little research on the inverter and see if others have successfully used it in a home situation.

Your MPPT controllers have a maximum input voltage of 150 volts and your panels are rated at 41 volts open circuit. To see how many panels you can use in series with the controller you add up the OC voltage and then you have to give the system a derating factor for cold temperatures. Normally for every degree C less than 25 there is about a .003 rise in voltage output. So at 0 degees C (32F), your output voltage can increase to 44 volts. If you get to negative 10C then your voltage can be as high as 45.3 volts per panel. So if you have three panels in series, then your max output voltage would be 136 volts. I don't know if you can gang your controllers together or not, but if not I wouldn't put more than three panels in series. And if you get colder in your area than my example, I would recalculate the numbers first.

All that said, I would go to Youtube and look up the AltE store and go through as many videos as you can. All this information is available for free through the videos.

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