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What sort of solar modules were you considering? 60 cell modules? 72 cell modules? 36 cell modules?
What total solar module nameplate wattage are you aiming for?

If you've already decided or have some modules you are looking at:
What is their nameplate voltage and total wattage of each module?
How many modules were you looking to get?

As a sanity check:
What are you looking to do with this system? (aka what are you looking to power with it)

This information along with the information from the solar charge controller you bought should help you figure out how to wire them in a way that won't blow up your solar charge controller or substantially limit output.

Don't expect the Walmart "deep cycle" batteries to last too long. Lead-acid batteries don't last long to begin with but taking small batteries(relative to typical solar applications) that are not designed for solar might not last as long as you expect, but it all depends on usage. Lead-acid batteries of any type don't like to be cycled down more than 50% from full, lesser quality batteries you would want to baby more.
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