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I've got Openelec/Kodi running from a microSD card on a Pi 2 with the Adafruit case.

Because my home theatre setup involves a projector, I have to use the 1/8" jack for audio, convert it to a heavy duty, long RCA cable and run it to an amp. If this resembles your use case, then I have a recommendation: the output of "silence" from the pi is too "quiet" and the amp picks up some garbling or random RF stuff, even if you're not watching anything and the OS is running. To resolve this, you must turn the amplification on the Pi UP in the settings, and just adjust your power amplification accordingly. This eliminates the distracting non-silent silence.

I've used this tiny little Pi media center with a NAS for storage and that worked out fine, but my setup at this point makes it more elegant for me to just use a high-capacity USB disk to store whatever I expect to want to watch. I have many movies/docus ripped from the library that you won't be able to find on the big movie streaming services in vogue right now, and I wanted to watch one at a friend's house recently. I was able to easily bring my entire HTPC setup with me and just plug into a flatscreen's HDMI with no fuss at all.

Just wanted to add my personal +1 having these work out well. Also a great way not to have your habits and preferences surveilled constantly if you're into the whole "privacy" thing.
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