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This looks like a fine job kb, do you have any regrets, anything you wish you'd have done? I really have to do something similar in my basement, although luckily none of it is above ground. The windows are pretty old, and obviously drafty, so they will either need to be repaired/painted or replaced. The major thing is that although there is no major moisture problem with my foundation/walls, I've noticed since buying the house that the walls are very slowly crumbling. I don't know what this is a result of (it COULD after all be moisture, but it doesn't feel like moisture is involved - I can't get a knife in the surface of the wall like typical moisture-laden mortar), and I don't want to waste money on a sealant that is just going to fall apart with the wall, or if I should ignore this and throw up some insulation like you did. Intuitively, I'd think that throwing up some insulation like that, especially with a permanent bond would not be a wise idea for someone with deteriorating walls. If the walls deteriorate enough to require major repair, the styrofoam would have to be taken down, and if it's glued, would have to be torn down in a big wasteful mess. BTW my walls are laid stone, but well done (I wouldn't have bought the house if it weren't faithful of the foundation's structural integrity.) Hope someone can advise.
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