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Thx Pinballlooking. I have seen his post and contacted him. He was nice enough to write a brief message back. Great build.

I pick up the pack Friday. I'm trying to control my excitement and failing. It's starting to feel a lot like <holiday in winter> and I'm five years old.

Currently (nope, never gets old) I'm looking at the Victron inverter series. The 48v inverter has the advantage of being programmable. And is capable of inverting down to 37v (3.1v/cell). Which given that I will charge to a max. 49v (4.1/cell). Gives me comfortable knees for my charge discharge cycle.

Porsche 914 Electric
is an interesting chevy volt tear down and bms add

2015 Montana 3611RL The Adventure Begins: Chevy Volt Lithium Battery Packs For My Montana RV
this guy bought volt batteries configured as 12v and now is making/made his own arduino based bms. I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Heart racing. Will Friday ever come? Will my girlfriend talk to me if I don't go help with the garden?
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