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Well. I'm still in the fingers crossed stage. To be uncrossed the moment the pack is on the floor of my shop, top is off and I'm testing cells.

What I see right now looks good.

The plan:

Pull the 48v packs out and sell the two 24s. And maybe 2 of the 48s.

Say I keep 6 48s. That's 45ah at 48v x 6 modules for, um, should give me 13kw. With say a 50% dod and 50% for knees.

Allow me to start to rub my greedy little hands together. Bigger fridge. Internet on 24/7. TV binges well into the night. Midnight dishwasher, why not?


I will have to replace my inverter. Anyone for a TBS 12-1200? Beautiful inverter.

And ideas for a 48v inverter. I see some nice ones from Helios in China. Or that Victron 48-1600 looks like it would suit nicely.

Also debating the bms issue. A simple balancer with the big knees of dod and charge should work.

Looking at ideas to keep the costs down.
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