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Default Chevy Volt battery pack for off grid solar?

Yikes. I have the opportunity to buy a 2014 Chevy Volt battery pack for 1500 CAN.

As my FLA is dying (5 years of crappy performance was enough for me anyway) I thought. Gee. Why not go from 2kw of usable storage to 12!

So I looked at lifepo4. Easy to install into my current system. But $$$.

Now I have this chance to buy a Volt battery. The $/w is pretty good. You know. <$100/kw.

But I'm a writer. Not an engineer. My solar build (cough cough) has been a 5 year lesson in electronics. And I've learned a lot.

However. To retrofit a volt battery pack for off grid use ... I mean it sounds like fun. My FLA will easily last until Oct. Before the cloudy weather gets here. So I do have 4 months for the build. Still ...

Idea 1:
Take the pack apart and repurpose the cells at 48v.
Involves buying a 48v inverter. REC? bms.
Within my limited knowledge/skill set.

Idea 2:
Find a way to charge from AC. Keeping the charger and plug from the Volt. Involves finding an inverter for my solar panels (sunny boy?). Would work with my genny if bad stuff happens. Not sure at all about how the charger/wiring would work without all the brake regen etc. Could well be above my electronics ability (cough, seem to be catching a cold).

Ideas from 3:
Well. That's up to you'ze all.

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