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You're one ambitious man.

I've had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with water in the basement too these last two and a half months. My exception being 75% of the basement is finished.

I just finished all the drylok work in the basement, adjusted some grading around the problem wall and put the basement back together ~ 2 weeks ago after starting the adventure the end of August (new drywall, new carpet padding) to find a weak point in my system on Oct 28th... no power to the sump pump = water in the basement again. So, back up came the carpet, and I still have a LOT of spare padding from the last lay down, so, I'll put it back down again. Ordered a battery back up sump pump which is due to arrive today.

If I could have easily started over in the basement (no carpet, no drywall) I would have been doing the drain tile too, but, it was cheaper, faster, and easier to NOT toss out a ton of drywall and framing, and carpet, and dig up the floor. If it's ever under an inch of water, I may, but never has the floor ALL been wet at any given time.

Rehabbing a basement is not ECO Friendly Bags and bags and bags of trash. Plus as you mentioned... dehumidifiers, fans, etc running, and now that it's cold, added space heater to keep it from being COLD and damp.

It'll all be back together next week though. I'm a pro at drying things out now. And soon will be a pro carpet installer.

Sorry for slightly hijacking your thread....

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