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Originally Posted by Wonderboy View Post
Landlords can be a problem though and I know where you're coming should buy a house!
I'm looking around. The question is, what do I want in a house, and where do I want it to be located?

The landlord has the downstairs apartment rented again, so he no longer cares about the lawn. Interestingly, the new neighbors downstairs seem like the kind of people who can accept a weedy lawn if they know it's organic.

I commented about herbicide in the groundwater. That doesn't have to be a concern, if you pick the right herbicide. 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia seems like a pretty safe choice, among effective selective herbicides. It's a synthetic plant horomone that causes broad-leafed plants to grow too quickly and die. If I had to pick an herbicide, I'd use this one. It's toxic in sufficiently large doses, and the "chloro" in the title is disconcerting, but with a large LD50 and a short half-life (7-15 days, less in water), it's not too bad.

Tim, renting a goat sounds really cool. I don't know of anyone in the area with anything smaller than a cow, though. Well, except the guy on the street who has a pet pot-bellied pig, but I don't know him well enough to borrow his pet.
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