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Although organic methods can be effective, they will doubly difficult to use against something that doesn't happen in nature. Creating a monoculture lawn takes a lot of energy, whether it be human energy or chemical energy. You know of course the repercussions of using the latter, but I'd see the active use of organic methods to grow anything but food or flowers as a complete waste of time. Try to reduce the amount of lawn you have to mow down to zero if you don't plan on playing badminton on it or something... then you can put as much time into what would've been your lawn and get food and/or something more beautiful out of it (which, btw, that picture looks pretty cool to me. I wish more lawns looked like that) instead of something you just step on a few times a year when you mow.

Landlords can be a problem though and I know where you're coming should buy a house! They're real cheap in Buffalo - can't be that much more than a house in Binghamton, where you can find decent 2 family houses for $40k. I don't make a lot of money and was pre-approved for a mortgage on basically any house I can find here. Do it!

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