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I love radiant warm water floors!

I have installed 3 systems & have learned quite a bit over time. Read this as: my first system only keeps house warm at -15*F because I put in so much insulation.

ECM pumps like the Grundfos Alpha really reduce electric usage, as I prefer constant slow circulation in heating season, this is a big deal.

Be sure to have a strong magnet in system, like the Caleffi Dirt Mag, as the generated magnetite will gum up ECM pumps.

This new system won't use a mod-con boiler, I'm sick of them!

Note: when a mod-con on LP happens to be working at high altitude, they don't condense very much anyway, so anything over 90% is wishful thinking.

And yes I bought an expensive combustion analyzer to set up these pigs.

I will use a Burnham RV3, direct wall vented, cast iron boiler, only 86% efficient, but they last 3x or more longer & have much less maintenance $$ vs. mod-cons

The boilers only master is the aquastat (30*F delta-T) on the Vi$$man dual coil 79gal. DHW / buffer tank.

Long efficient burn cycles help the boiler get to 86% along with post purge that gets most of the residual heat out of the high mass cast iron. As the boiler will be inside the house insulation most of the residual heat is not waisted, in Winter.

I have a new Erie Boiler Boss 3000 that controls the injection speed of a standard PSC pump using Outdoor Reset (the colder it is outside, the warmer the water that is injected into system)
This is set up with rotary parameter control knobs.
This was an EBay steal at $130

The system heat is pulled out of the top HX coil in the Vi$$man tank, boiler and/or solar heats the tank via the lower HX coil.

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