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Default Vampire Hunting

It is really quite amazing how much electricity a home can waste doing nothing. Between devices on for remote control sensing, to powering built-in electronics, it is pretty easy to waste 50 - 200 watts 24/7. Every always on watt works out to be about 0.73 kwh a month.

I thought I had slayed all the vamps in my house years ago, but when I took a closer look last week with the help of an electrician we found more. These were the lurkers in my house:

1. The furnace -- now turned off until winter
2. The doorbell transformer -- now ripped out. People can knock
3. Garage door openers -- unplugged, since we park outside
4. Microwave - 4 watts. Now on a switch

I reluctantly agree to put up with these mosquitoes:
5. iMac during sleep -- 1.7 watts
6. Light in the garage for our cats -- 3 watts
7. Wi-fi router and modem -- 6 watts. It can be much more
8. Fan with remote control -- left alone (for now) since summer is approaching. Perhaps 2 - 3 watts.
9. Stove LCD clock -- 3 watts

Here is a list of common vampires for people new to slaying.

Happy hunting! Let us know how things go
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