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Refrigerator phantom load 2.4 watts
Toaster uses a few watts but I keep that unplugged now, not sure what it is doing in standby and came at a surprise to me when I metered it.
Used to have a coffee maker with a phantom load of a few watts, replaced it with a unit that didn't have a built in timer/clock.
Laptop power supply, cell phone chargers, shaver charger when units are off show zero watts.
Furnace 0 watts at standby and 0.1 amps(12 watts) with the burner going prior to the blower kicking on but that is the lowest resolution that my clamp-on will read and I think it is probably less because the difference with the blower going with the furnace off or on is the same when on the same speed tap, otherwise 324 watts at the furnace speed and 396 watts at air conditioning speed.
Air conditioner doesn't have a heating element on its compressor so that is zero but I still flip its breaker off for sanity.
Printer is energy star and when it is off shows no power use.
I have a set of cheap speakers that use a few watts(sorry don't have the numbers) but that is irrelevant since I switch off the power strip when not using the system.
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