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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
I've seen reports of LED blubs lasting for a very short time,
where others with the same model LEDs lasted just fine.

A few folks think some of the failures might be due to spikes on the AC line..

I've been meaning to get some surge protection for my Sanyo ASHP,
and now that I've invested in a bunch of LEDs, I've been looking for
some whole house Surge protection. All out of stock at Lowes & HD..

But, I found some chspt2micro protectors on Ebay..

I've read some info about installation and how well these work,
on Amazon etc, and the ebay price isn't too bad..
Oh no! Only 4 left in stock!! (I just ordered one)..
I think you have wrong information about led lights they generally do have long life span.
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