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I think he was talking about what might happen during a storm..

That it might be possible for the line voltage coming into my house to drop down,
cause excessive current flow to my (reactive?) load, thus causing higher current
to trip the large circuit breaker I'm using to feed a Sanyo ASHP.
(Leaving the rest of my house wiring unprotected,
because the protection device is attached to the output of that large circuit breaker).

It seems like a very unlikely scenario.. But, since the Sanyos use modern
Inverter Technology, the current could increase (to maintain power),
as the voltage dropped..

However, now that I have installed precision 10A limiting,
low voltage/high current could cause the power to be completely disconnected from the Sanyos.

A low line voltage (maybe under 220vac) while the Sanyo wanted to burn 2.4 KW,
could kick the current up to around 11A, shutting the system down for a while.

If we start getting a lot of Brown-Outs, I'll have to re-adjust to 11A.

One guy had his electrician buddy wire up a 240 drop for his mini-split and he mis-wired it for 120vac..
BUT, it still ran! But only in Cooling mode.. Even when he changed the control to heat mode..
I think maybe his 4-way valve wouldn't pull in on a mere 120vac..
My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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