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I was responding to your idea that a drop in voltage would "causes the breaker to trip",
by over-explaining why that can't happen. (with the Sanyo).

The "manufacturers installation instructions" aren't too bad,
they tell you to cut the length of their long leads to the minimum needed.
And my 'guess' about using the 15A dual breaker is to limit the fire hazard,
in case the internals of the unit shorted out completely.
(Legal dept helped with that one)?

One minor problem with using a 15A breaker, is the coils in those breakers
will likely be resistive, because of the fast rise-time of power spikes.
(Due to the inductive reactance of the coil).
That would allow a fast spike on the buss to pass into your house wiring
during the time it was working it's way past the coils in the 15A breaker.

If you take a look at the back of a typical PC power supply's AC input,

You will see the best way to add protection to a device, is to connect
your protective parts directly to the AC line (and ground).
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