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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
Hey, pssst... Come here buddy....
You know, you can harvest the heat out of the ridge of the attic the same way, right? And the best thing is, the collector is inside the roof. Tell me something: how much of that cheap black water pipe do you think you'll need?
True. And here there is no problem with excess heat in the attic in the summer here. And really we don't need those fancy collectors here in the summer either. At a friends shop years ago we had a sink out back and wanted hot water so we just put two commercial hot water hoses on the roof inline of the sink. No shortage of scalding hot nearly boiling hot water and we just put the hoses on the roof without uncoiling them...

As to using abs I cant get that stuff here. Its only used in trailers here so its hard to find. I can get the odd fitting at an ace or true value out in the sticks but I have never seen anyone selling ABS pipe. PVC is code for houses here.
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