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Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
Looks like a heat pipe / evacuated tube collector that thermosiphons heat into a batch tank. Very effective and not expensive. Average Americans dislike them because they aren't invisible. Many interested homeowners are dissuaded by their picky neighbors.

Yup they also have a built in heating element for when its been shady r in the winter. They work extremely well. The one they had at the shop I stopped at looked decently built. They build them in Greece.

I would like one for the house and one for the shop as well. The one for the shop not for hot water but to provide hot water for a radiator and fan for heating the shop. It would work well in most of our winter here.

But like you mentioned having them here... People preach about energy efficiency but as soon as they realize what is involved they shut it down. The usual NIMBY problem.
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