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Wood pellets in the coal furnace?
I'll try it.
The way the coal furnace is designed it funnels all the ash down to the ash tray. The ash funnel chamber can be opened to allow some air to flow up through the coals from the very bottom. In theory allowing a good wood pellet burn.

I have some propane stored. A pair of 40lb tanks to power the gas dryer (summer only use) and 2 IR single element 9k to 12k BTU heaters. Each heater should run 3 straight days on low from a full tank, maybe a little longer.
To go from new to full on a singe 40lb tank costs about $130.
That's only 800k BTU. Less than the heating value of two $5 bags of coal.

My small trailer is good for 2,500lb and has a brake axle. So I could haul a lot of coal, wood pellet, choped wood and so on.
On a car tongue weight is my limiting factor, on the suburban, 500lb of tongue weight and it doesn't even notice.

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