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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post

I'm mostly buring unwanted and dead trees trees for fire wood, new construction lumber scraps, renovation waste wood, stuff that normally goes to a land fill. I'm not just buring coal all the time. I mainly bought a coal furnace because they are more heavily constructed and can take more heat. The fact that it can burn coal is secondary, plus the coal furnace was cheaper than the wood furnaces by a lot since it was a steeply discounted clearance item.
Came here to say this. Coal furnace will let you burn wood when you have it. Can't do that with a natural gas furnace, and neither coal nor firewood require special containment or present an explosion risk. You can stockpile both as time, energy and funds permit - again, not really an option with gas or propane. Gas is all or nothing plus a delivery charge, wood and coal are you and your truck (or in my case, 200 lbs of pellets at a time in the back of a Honda Civic). If it's already on the way home the added cost of picking up the fuel may be negligible.

One thought: I've never had any trouble burning pellets in the wood stove, I wonder if you could adapt the coal furnace to that fuel. That would give you tremendous flexibility.
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