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We do clip the dog's nails - the problem is the very hard and sharp grained quartzite sand in the local Oklahoma soils. The dogs go out and get it on their paws and then track it in - even though we have thick lawns and pastures everywhere. They dig . . . Doesn't help that they are big dogs as well.

A local friend, with similar size dogs and problem, uses commercial laminate and apparently this is a hard surface compared to wood floor finishes. No wear at all despite they have more dogs than we have, You are also correct that the so called luxury vinyl tile will work.

Wife really likes the newer ceramic planks - some of which look like wood - and those are also very hard. But that surface has high conductivity and can "feel" cold if not heated to high 70's to 80 F. Then problem of overheating air.

I have seen radiant walls and ceilings - in Europe. Floors make sense as was planning a thin concrete slab floor anyway.

In one home that I have visited (in a slightly colder winter than here) observes that the IR effect of a conditioned floor (72-73 F) is such that you can lower air temp to mid 60's F without feeling cold. I would agree as I never felt cold in that house. Talked to them this weekend and they agree that an air temp of 72 would "feel" way too hot in the winter. I hadn't realized that the air thermostat was set to mid 60's in that house.

In winters, we have very dry air and wife will complain that house "feels cold" unless the air thermostat is 73. This is largely due to the dry air. We do run a humidifier, as many people in Oklahoma do.

Got into trouble a few years ago when I "adjusted/tweaked " thermostat display to read 72 F when in reality it was set to 70 F. Wife brought home a temperature gauge and discovered that house was actually 70 F. So she then made me set the damn thermostat at 74 F. All my work/tweaking for nothing . . .

Has anyone used radiant flooring and then felt the need to lower the air temp to mid 60's F or so?

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