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I also picked up a high frequency starter/stabilizer box.
This will allow me to light the arc with out touching the base metal with the tungsten electrode.
Now I also have a gas saver kit for my WP-17 torch.

The idea is I will use the gas saver and a strip or angle iron held in place with a vice grip to guide the torch along weld, running hot, fast and perfectly straight creating a weld that looks like it was done with some kind of automated laser machine.
I want the welds I put on the actual pipe I am going to use to look a lot better than my quick and dirty test.

To split all the 2.5 inch pipe I think I will use a cut off wheel. It will be slow and will suck a lot but that will give me straight cuts with out warping the pipe. I already know if I use my plasma cutter it will bow the pipe. I may test filling the pipe with kitty litter and cutting it but I still expect the pipe to bow.

I am thinking my first live prototype will be a shower water heat exchanger. it has been a while since I have been up under the house, and if I remember correctly the shower drain pipe is 2 inch pvc goes for about 3 feet before it goes into the main line. The cold water line is also very close by.
It would be easy to make heat exchanger section and plumb it in there.
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