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Being inspired by Creeky's experiences and others such as Mark Osborne and devildestiny555 on YouTube, I also took the plunge into the rabbit hole to use EV batteries for off grid use.

I expanded my 4kwh of 2 Chevy Volt modules that I used to test proof of concept, and added complete Volt and Nissan Leaf packs to an awesome 44kwh total storage solution. I am currently using 840w of Solyndra panels to top them off with a Victron 150/35 controller. I have a 8.1kw of panels in my garage to be setup for off grid use in this system (totally overkill for my application...but I got them on sale for .13/watt). I am using two PIP 5048 inverter/chargers in parallel for 8kw of off grid power. The inverters are cross wired to two 5000w transformers to give me split-phase 240/120.

I have been running this setup for 3 months now and could not be happier. I know technology changes with the wind, but if anyone is considering lead acid for a large storage solution...please think again. The advantages of lithium...and relatively inexpensive EV batteries repurposed...are too great!
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