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Will be interested to hear how they hold up. I don't bother sharpening since the sand eats them for breakfast anyway.

FYI the 5 lobe star on the craftsman and the husky are the same as they are both made by AYP. AYP was purchased by Husky. Unfortunately their line of mowers has lost allot of market since then.

Sears bought mowers from AYP and MTD. The AYP ones were the higher end models. AYP was bigger in the riding mower line at sears than the push mower line.

The 6 lobe blades are MTD. MTD riding mowers are more plentiful now however bulk blades are still cheaper for the AYP/Husky mowers. These are the ones I am going to order for mine. Well I was going to put a link in but the web link button in the UBB here doesn't work. It just dumps the whole link in instead of making a highlight able link.

I'm going to end up having to get a bagger for my mower since I am getting tif 419 bermuda to grow and it's so far the best growing grass I have ever tried but you can't mulch it as it is not good for the grass.
The tif is a nice dark green thick and soft doesn't need much water or fertilizer and is very heat tolerant. I am mowing it a little bit high at 1.5" but just because it's been over 100* every day. It grows better at about half an inch. If you let it get tall it won't spread and will be thin and spindly.

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