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i'm sure you could hunt and hunt, and eventually find a fan blade to fit the shaft (hint: range hood, space heater, or bathroom exhaust vent), but why? The whole assembly looks like a ching chong high velocity tabletop fan. Walmart mainstay or climate zone under $20; lasko or holmes or honeywell under $40; stanley or dewalt, spendy. Oh, forgot hazard fraught tools: central machinkery prolly 8.99, pitchburg $33.33 (right there in between hypertuff and holmes). Leave the original out. Measure, measure, measure, go buy a few. If in doubt, buy some 3 speed 9 inch fans. Mock it up, measure some more, plug n play to test and tweak. If you don't like it, pop open the next one and repeat. Once a winner has been determined, mount it permanent, cut n splice wires, Bob's your auntie. Take the losers back for a refund.

Don't forget to take pics and show and tell. We loves improvised solutions to expensive problems here.
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