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Default Condenser Fan Replacement Questions


I purchased a very small (3000 BTU) specialized mini split, used, to be used with an altitude tent (used for triathlon training, it simulates a low oxygen environment to help performance). The evaporator goes inside the altitude tent and then the condenser goes outside the tent and you can sleep inside the tent and still have it be relatively comfortable.

So I bought this used on eBay and it arrived damaged. It has a plastic condenser fan blade which is garbage. Several reviews of the Rollicool unit describe this same problem with the plastic condenser fan breaking apart.

I reached out to Rollicool but they were no help and were not willing to sell me a replacement fan blade.

This is a bit out of my wheel house but I am trying to determine if I could get an aftermarket fan blade or possibly a new motor and get it working. The stats are:

Motor is 115V, CCW rotation, 5/16" shaft. The mounting bolts are square 3.5" pattern (top left right, bottom left right, the fasteners at 12,3,6,9 oclock hold the motor halves together not used for mounting to the condenser bracket) and and the flanges on the motor are in the middle of the motor casing. I haven't seen that mount design on any aftermarket motors. The fan blade is 10" diameter.

The motor works so I'm wondering if I could use an aftermarket metal fan. I'm not quite clear on how the hub vs hubless works. I'm guessing I would need to find a CCW 10" fan with a 5/16" shaft and the hub on the discharge side?

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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