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Originally Posted by Mountaintop View Post
Mikesolar - I would be interested in seeing your setup on how you connected the Fujitsu to a storage tank. Are you using the lineset to steal heat from the system when in heat mode or did you put a heat exchanger on the discharge of the compressor? What water temperatures have you attained? What have you been using the water for?

For my test rig, I sized a flat plate heat exchanger to the output of the HP and I have a pump with a flow meter so I can get proper readings. I am using the indoor coils electronics but changing the thermisters to fool the control into thinking it is heating 21C air when in fact it is heating 40C water. I am then pumping the water to 2 old cast iron rads in my shop. It has been working perfectly for the last 2-3 months. Next step is to make a control that allows me to get rid of the indoor unit electronics. So far, BTW, the COP of the system has been around 3.5.

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