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Default DIY Single axis solar panel trackers

I already have the perfect spot picked out.
Some years back my land was used as a small dairy. So sections are fenced off. I have this one particularly useless fenced off section about 120 feet long and only about 12 feet wide, running north to south and it's between my well and 60 amp sub panel that's going to send power to the well.
I was thinking about just removing that section of fence.
But now I'm thinking that I could start my first crop of solar panels in there.

I want to start putting them on trackers because I can see my self easy exceeding 9.6kw which would be the limit of back feeding my 200 amp main panel.
To upgrade could cost thousands of dollars.
I need to sit down with my 2017 code book and figure out what the options are.
9.6kw would allow me to produce around 48kwh per day. But 9.6kw on single axis trackers would allow me to produce up to around 60kwh, give or take.
If I use all the loop holes and absolutely hit the limit of single phase 200 amp service I might go to 3 phase.

I have been looking at liner actuators and solar tracker controllers and if I can build the panel mounts and and tilt rig cheap enough it could be worth it.

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