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I wonder if I just ran the loops out in straight runs around the bottom of the pond..

Pumping the water will be something I need to keep an eye on. Trying to keep the head pressure down is tough

Basically I’m thinking 4 loops of 600. The waters edge of the pond is about 130 feet from the corner of the house the the loops will come out of. I’d like to run all the loops into the house to a manifold. That way I can put flow meters on them and make sure they all get the right flow. I would run all 8 pipes Down one trench 3 feet wide and 6 feet deep keeping pipe spacing as far as possible from each other while staying under 4 feet from the surface. That will eat up about 260 of the 600 feet of pipe. Then the other 340 feet of pipe will be layed out in the bottom of the pond or just under the bottom surface of the pond. That should give me a hybrid pond/horizontal loop field?
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