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It all depends on various things to do with details. Assuming you bury the slinky loop deep and oversize it, the leaving water temp should come out close to 50 (at first) after the rig has run for a few days or weeks. So your evaporator temperature will end up below 40. With the slinky drawing constantly from the buried field, the temperature will droop below 40 after the low hanging fruit (local heat) has been plucked. This local droop below 55 may or may not recharge a whole lot if you're not also cooling your zones with the same field.

With the slinky loop below the pond, the same thing ain't gonna happen. From day one, you will always have around 40 degree or higher ground temperature loop water that won't droop below freezing. Plus, if the sloppy mud bottom field loop fluid gets below freezing, the stagnant water will try to float, and if it can, it will. However, the submerged slinky loop will outperform a dry buried loop of the same length. So it would be a bit more delta T than the dry loop at first, but perform better the more you use it.

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