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Default pond loop or horizontal slinky loop

So in the spring we are going to have a half acre 12ft deep pond dug. Im going to go ahead and install some ground loops while the yard is a mess. I live in Cincinnati oh. Ive come up with a 3 ton system. My findings are that i will need a minimum of 600' 3/4 pipe per ton for horizontal slinky loop. Ive found that for a pond loop ill need roughly 350ft of 3/4 pipe per ton.

two problems i see with the pond are

first one being that this will be a fishing/ swimming pond. I really dont want my line getting caught on the loops in the pond and neither will my wife..

second issue is winter time temps. i know the bottom of the pond should only get down to 39* but i feel like the "55*" water from the horizontal slinky loop will be much better for heating season. Heating season will be our main usage for this system.

just curious what your thoughts are?

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