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Hydro testing your R-134a tanks is being extra thorough, maybe overkill.

According to the PT chart for 134a, if the tank ever got to over 100 degrees (for instance, sitting in a parked HVAC service truck) then it was holding over 120 psi already. Do you have reason to suspect the tanks have suffered damage?

Granted, if it's going to rupture you want to do it while it's filled with water, not air.

I remember reading, years ago, about a shadetree tinkerer building his own hydro testing rig. It was pretty straightforward as I recall but I can't remember where I read it or even what kind of system he was testing. Knowing your other projects I reckon that would be completely within your capability.

Whoops, just realized your start date is looming. Getting it done is faster than building it done, never mind my last suggestion!

According to Honda's small engines web page, the torque peak on the GX200 engine is right around 2600 psi. It'd be pretty sweet if the compressor's power requirements for your projected operating range lined up with that torque peak; small engines get a lot less obnoxious when you can run them just a little slower.
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