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Originally Posted by nibs View Post
Did you pre-wash the sand?
What did you do to make sure you had no air pockets in the sand?
Have you got it working and how is it performing?.
Sorry for the very delayed response nibs, I haven't had much time at home lately.

I managed to get the filter completely full of sand last fall and topped it up with water. I've been letting the bioscum form since. I figured there wouldn't be much biological growth over the winter so plan to start using the filter this fall (fingers crossed). I didn't wash the sand nor did I concern myself with air pockets so I suppose it's possible there's air in there somewhere but it seems unlikely and I don't know that it would be detrimental in any case.

Still to do is a stand for the buffer tanks. As I plan to limit the flow rate through the filter to about 5 litres per minute -waaay less than pours out the downspout in a heavy rain - to ensure adequate time for filtration I bought three 450 litre tanks to use for buffering. We don't get much rain here in the summer so those tanks are seeing temporary duty in the garden for now.

If you've made any progress on your filter I'd be interested to know what you've done.

Apologies again for my tardiness in replying to your post.

Cheers, Greg
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