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When I was a kid I started mowing as soon my legs would reach the brakes.

By the time I was a Teenager I did all the plumbing and electrical work. My dad had friends in those fields that show me what to do. We built on a big addition and I did the wiring and the plumbing and insulation for the whole thing. It all got inspected without one issue.

I did all the car repair brake jobs tune ups I even rebuilt 350 Chevy car motors.

I rebuilt/fixed dirt bikes motors carburetors… you get the point.

I would love to pass on as many skills as I can or that they are interested in.

I work on electronics and I am going to teach them how to solder. I have used these skill many times. We sell some pinball machine mods and my boys help build those mods to help pay for their private school.

I love to learn new skills and I am always learning I hope to never stop learning. I really hope to pass that on.

My kids go a private school because the public schools here a not very good. It is expensive and they work hard and get straight A’s.

I do pay them for each A they get and anything below an A I take away money. I know a lot people don’t agree with this but I believe you should be rewarded for hard work and success and it should hurt a little if you don’t get success.

My oldest will be a teenager in June they are both preteen for now.

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