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I helped my dad with a project yesterday. Then again, I'm probably your age, or older... The children of many of my peers are already driving. My peers who started their families very young already have kids in college.

Speaking of youtube, the thirty something year old kid who grew up two houses down the street was texting me about carburetors yesterday. His string trimmer isn't running properly, so I told him he probably needed a replacement carb kit. (dropped a carb kit in a string trimmer I picked up off the swale about 5 months ago, it runs like a champ now) He said he'd never had a carb apart. (grew up in the fuel injected age). I sent him to youtube, because it was far simpler than trying to explain how to rebuild a Walbro carb the size of a Hot Wheels van. I've had more carbs apart than I care to describe. Meanwhile, my dad wishes his last carbureted outboard was fuel injected, and one of my carbureted outboard engines turns 30 this year.
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