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Default Question about teenagers and work

Is it just me or has there been a trend of not putting one's kids to work around the house?

My wife and I are both young and looking forward to starting a family fairly soon, also we live in a nice neighborhood with a number of families that have teenagers. In our neighborhood, I have yet to see any of these teenagers helping their dads on projects, mowing the grass, cleaning the outside of the house, etc. When I was younger I distinctly remember helping my dad on almost every task he ever had to do. I learned really quickly what a crescent wrench was after having to run back to the garage three times due to grabbing the wrong tool every time. After my older brother and I were old enough, my dad probably went 10 years without mowing once. To this day, I am still occasionally helping my dad with his house projects (and now he helps me with mine).

So for those that have/had teenagers, do/did you put your kids to work around the house (obviously pinballlooking does)?

For everyone, have you all seen this trend as well? Do you see parallels with the increase of electronic devices and the diminishing of spending productive quality time with children? How is the next generation of children going to learn how to DIY without instruction from us?

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