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Default Wiring question


The 11 amp motor had a strong finish during some non wet days, throwing the snow quite far. But it finally lost most of its power and was tripping the breaker more often, and was making sparks where it wasn't supposed to

I took the motor mostly apart and noticed the varnish on the field windings was cooked and flaking off in chunks, and that seemed like where the fireworks was coming from by the burn marks also. I also noticed it was aluminum wire on the field (the rotor looked ok, don't have a growler handy).

More dissection revealed it was about 22 yards of 15 gauge aluminum on the field and it was shunt configuration.

So I figure 22 yards of 17 gauge copper magnet wire would be about equivalent magnetically speaking (same current and number of turns).

But I should consider going to 23 yards of 16 gauge, which would give me the same current but about 5% more turns.

Alas, I obtained a 2hp (5max, 13 amp) compressor motor in the meantime (compressor part disintegrated), series wound, should be interesting I also now have to figure out what to do with a 30 gallon air tank on wheels.
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