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Well, lets calculate . . . .

You have some 600 sq feet of roof size (20 x 30 ft). Assume you fill the roof completely with panels with each panel being about 18 sq feet each. About 33 panels (600/18).

Assume net output of 300 watts (high estimate per panel ) gives you about 10 kW (300 W x 33). P = Ei so the wattage is about 40 amps at 240 V.

Now the kicker is how far your wire run is. This current load is likely going to need 6 G stranded copper (NOT aluminum) and maybe 4G if it is a long run (> 75 feet).

Remember that L1 and L2 (each being the 120 V legs) need to be fat and thick (6 or 4 G). The neutral can be 8 or even 10G with 10 G for the ground (four wires total). The extra $ cost for thicker G wire is small considering safety and lower voltage drop .

I would use 1 inch conduit with a pull string installed. The above four wires can easily fit in this size conduit.

GREAT idea to do this now. Also excellent roof pitch for your latitude.

Hope this helps.

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