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I wasn't going to get the TED with the remote display as I was far more interested in graphs and overall usage then instantaneous reading around the house.

I got the display because it was priced the same as the model without so why not. I then put it in the kitchen by the stove mostly as a way to point out to my wife that the lights in the range rood she likes so much use 100 watts and light up the stove but the overhead lights use 50 watts and light up the entire kitchen.

Tonight we were in the kitchen and I noticed that opening the fridge door is a 60 watt jump. It has to be the bulb(s)? in the fridge. Shocking that my fridge light takes that much power. I haven't seen cheap LED's to replace it yet. I'll keep an eye out. Luckily it only runs maybe 5 minutes a day...
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